Dj R-CUT - What’s up - vol1 (Special 2PAC) 2009

[US] Dj R-CUT - What’s up - vol1 (Special 2PAC) 2009

01_Intro _What's up _!_.mp3
02_Can't c me.mp3
03_Me against the world.mp3
04_Niggas Nature (remix) feat. Lil Mo.mp3
05_All eyez on me feat. Big Syke.mp3
06_Check out time feat. Kurupt and Big Syke.mp3
07_Troublesome 96.mp3
08_All about U feat. Nate Dogg, Fatal and Yaki Hadati.mp3
09_I get Around.mp3
10_Heartz of men.mp3
11_Toss it up feat. Kci and Jojo.mp3
12_Hit'em up feat. Outaws.mp3
13_2 of amerikaz most wanted feat. Snoop Doggy Dogg.mp3
14_Wonda why they call u bitch.mp3
15_Picture me rollin' feat. Danny Boy, Big Spike an Tre.mp3
16_How do you want it feat. Kci and Jojo.mp3
17_So many tears.mp3
18_Deadly Combination Feat. Notorious Big and Big L.mp3
19_Wanted or alive (R-CUT Remix) feat. Snoop Doggy Dogg.mp3
20_World wide feat. Outaws.mp3
21_Is it cool to fuck feat. Outaws.mp3
23_Hail Mary.mp3

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